Friday, April 22, 2016

Big Boss Ent-"Theres No Reason You Cant Have Your Own"

Dj Iceman,owner of Big Boss Ent says theres a "serious lack of vision" in the business today.
I took a little of my own money and invested it in some sitelists and blog lists so i can promo my own stuff cause i saw the prices people were charging to get on certain sites and thought that it was CRAZY!! struggling artists dont have that kind of money. after about 6 months i figured that if it was working for me,it could work for others so i made up some packages and reached out to some artists and Big Boss Ent was born. in the year that its been up and running BBE has done work fo a lot of up and coming artists and some legendary ones as well. Mikey D,Gradaddy I.U.,and Tracey Lee are some of the few that have utilised Icemans services. and now he is trying to make oppertunities for others.
"I just thought,hey im doing well enough at this that i can offer people the same opportunity to do what i do. i supply my assets to folks and they can open their own promo company" "the problem is there's a serious lack of vision. people will buy services but dont see how a major investment can benefit them in the long run. they don't see that far ahead,they just focus on the here and now.

Iceman says he will always have the opportunity that he calls "The Master Plan" in his package list. cause he feels "You're not a TRUE boss unless you can make more bosses" 
you can reach him via Facebook or the Big Boss Ent Twitter page