Saturday, April 23, 2016

Who Is Crimson Tgs??

Unlike most artists in their field, whose aim is to get rich and quickly rise to the top, they have a different goal. One we can all relate too and surely want accomplished. The goal to end bullying, prevent suicide, and find a cure for cancer. Not only have they used their music as their voice in a stance against all three battles, but they now use their music to raise awareness and raise the funds needed to obtain the resources needed to put an end to all three crisis's.

In an effort to appeal to the nation to end bullying and prevent suicide they released their latest song "We Are Living" which is touching hearts everywhere. The song speaks directly to the victims, who have been bullied, to let them know that they are "superstars" no matter what and gives them hope to live.

In a dedication to cancer patients throughout the world and always making sure to recognize their fans everywhere they released "Tip Your Hats Off" sure to get you on the dance floor. This song touches those fans, who have survived or unfortunately lost their lives due to this tragedy letting their fans know that no matter what they are not giving up the fight to find a cure.

Don't forget their debut of "Hey Da Hey" where they get their fans to continue to engage getting them to shake it on the dance floor, yet still remaining focused on using the proceeds for the good of charity. Hence allowing North, South, East, and West Side all take a stance for the greater cause.

Stop by to check them out on, so you can take part in their cause and put an end to it once and for all.
Check out Hey Da Hey