Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Who Is YoungTone_YGCTF?

A talented rapper who was determined to use his music to change the future through three goals.

First, He desired to make a difference in the world, which he accomplished with the birth of a new movement "Young Gods Creating The Future." The movement inspired other artists/fans to stick to setting their goals and making sure they fulfilled them no matter what focusing on nevering giving up.

Second, being the founding leader desiring to appeal to both genders (male and female) led him to establish his own clothing line, branding the "YGCTF" logo for both Young Gods or Young Goddessess to represent their desires to change the future.

Finally, he set out to climb to the top partnering with David Broadhurst to perform their latest release "Skurt" LIVE on April, 28, 2016, at Coast2Coast Mixtapes/Philly Edition.

To join the movement, hear more music by Youngtone, or to support the cause, check YoungTone out at